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Andrew Allison
2 min readJun 23, 2022
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Ok…. This might not be my finest hour. I’ve been planning to write posts for as long as I’ve been developing which is getting on for 15+ years now.

TIP: to make it easier to remember milestones do something big around them. I was

As someone who was not the greatest academically and often struggled massively with writing. As you are soon to witness. I have avoided doing it as much as possible. I’ve also avoided doing many things that would involve “Putting myself out there” I often fretted about what people would say. I definitely felt imposter syndrome from day one. Recently after spending a lot of time watching videos, reading articles and mentoring people I did start to feel like I had something to offer though. So I decided I will just try and put some stuff out there, It’s probably gonna be substandard but like so many people have said. Put it out there and keep moving on.

With this in mind my first series will be on NestJs it’s a framework I’ve used for a while now and I just love it. SO I’m hoping to have the first part out soon. I thought if I put this article out it will kick me into gear and make me accountable for the additional one.

In the meantime if anybody is reading this far (well done) but also as dev’s do you like to focus on dev or do you write about other things? How does this work? Do you separate each persona in some way? Just curious as I feel I can never out and out be me as I have too many spaces I inhabit. For example, None dev friends don’t like to geek out. Dev friends don’t like politics

Also, do people use medium for dumping thoughts? I need to dig into this more. Or should I get a blog? Feels like I need a pensive ATM and somewhere to just get these things out of my head.

This article defiantly never turned out the way I planned. HMMMMMM

More to follow. Hopefully.



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